Your Health Checklist

Health Care is Self-care

Self-care means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, be there for others and do the things you want to do. It is not synonymous with selfishness. One of the best decisions you can make for yourself is to take a moment to set the important appointments to ensure your healthiest year possible.

Start with an annual exam appointment with a primary care provider. A yearly physical can save your life, and your provider can help you navigate all the necessary care you need. Not to mention, with most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, your annual checkup is covered 100% with no copays.

Your 2023 Health Checklist

Annual physical with your primary care provider*

  • Heart health screenings (blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, cholesterol)
  • Cancer screenings (colon cancer, mammogram for breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer)
  • Vital signs and general observations
  • Blood tests and other lab work
  • Vaccinations, including annual flu shot
  • Asking your primary care provider for recommendations based on your age, personal needs/goals and underlying risk factors

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Women’s well exam with your OB/GYN

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Eye exam

Dental cleaning and checkup

Dermatology exam

Mental health evaluation (primary care provider, counselor, psychiatrist)

Download a Checklist What Happens at an Annual Exam

Schedule and manage your Norton Healthcare appointments with your free Norton MyChart account. You also may request to be placed on a wait list in case an earlier appointment becomes available.

Care Everywhere

With your primary care provider as your medical home, Norton Healthcare offers you many options to get the health care you need.

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