Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Epilepsy is a condition that can have a strong effect on your quality of life. That’s why Norton Neuroscience Institute is committed to improving epilepsy care for all of our patients through a comprehensive epilepsy center.

Our patients have access to epilepsy specialists and a network of providers with expertise in many specialties, so the epilepsy center is truly a one-stop shop for epilepsy care.

Epilepsy is a brain condition. In people with epilepsy, abnormal brain activity causes repeated seizures (SEE-zjurs). Some patients stop having seizures after getting treatment, and some patients need ongoing care from a team of epilepsy specialists who are working with other kinds of specialists.

Norton Neuroscience Institute as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center

La Asociación Nacional de Centros de Epilepsia ha reconocido al Norton Neuroscience Institute como un centro de epilepsia de nivel 4. La designación significa que brindamos el más alto nivel de evaluación y tratamiento médico y quirúrgico para pacientes con epilepsia compleja. Our expertise includes:

  • Evaluating the brain and how well it is working (complex, intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring)
  • Extensive medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial treatment – these treatments include not only your physical health but your mental well-being
  • Complete evaluation for epilepsy surgery, including evaluation for intracranial electrodes
  • A broad range of surgical procedures for epilepsy

Enfoque en equipo

Norton Neuroscience Institute epilepsy specialists work to achieve the best possible health outcomes for you. Our neurologists (noo-RAH-luh-jists), neurosurgeons and other specialist providers collaborate to tailor a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. This multidisciplinary approach means your care plan is created especially for you.

Our epilepsy care teams include:

  • Seizure specialists (providers who have a background and training in seizure disorders)
  • Neurologists (doctors who focus on brain disorders and who have special expertise in epilepsy)
  • Neurosurgeons (doctors who perform surgeries that relate to epilepsy)
  • Patient navigators (usually nurses who help patients find education and support resources)

Advanced Treatment Facilities

We provide the most advanced treatment for patients at our state-of-the-art epilepsy clinics, including the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Norton Brownsboro Hospital in northeastern Louisville. El Norton Neuroscience Institute también ofrece una First Seizure Clinic para proporcionar un diagnóstico rápido y preciso después del inicio de los síntomas de convulsiones.

Comprehensive Care at Norton Neuroscience Institute

The comprehensive epilepsy center at Norton Neuroscience Institute offers patients in Louisville and Southern Indiana the personalized support you need at every step. We listen to you and develop a plan for your unique condition. You will work with the same team of epilepsy experts from diagnosis throughout treatment, so we can get to know you and your needs.

El Norton Neuroscience Institute ofrece atención integral para la epilepsia, lo que significa que atendemos pacientes en todo el espectro del trastorno. Our comprehensive epilepsy care program includes:

  • First Seizure Clinic, where you can see a doctor within the week to receive a basic evaluation after your first seizure
  • Opciones de tratamiento que van desde medicamentos y manejo de la dieta hasta terapias quirúrgicas
  • Comprehensive pre-surgical evaluations for patients with refractory epilepsy (a condition where medications are not effectively controlling epilepsy)
  • Typically, a less than two-week waiting period to get into the epilepsy monitoring unit; neurosurgery appointments in less than two days
  • Therapy individualized for you and directed by a multidisciplinary team of epilepsy care physicians
  • Patient support services, including psychiatry and physical, occupational and cognitive therapies
  • Free educational seminars for you, your family and for providers in our community who care for patients with epilepsy

Asesores de pacientes

Patient navigators are nurses designated to support patients through their epilepsy care journey at Norton Healthcare. Los asesores de pacientes consultan con usted y sus cuidadores sobre asuntos médicos y personales. Sus servicios son gratuitos y están disponibles con la frecuencia que los necesite.

For epilepsy patients:

Stacy Olliges, R.N.
Epilepsy Nurse Navigator

Un asesor de pacientes puede:

  • Educate you and your family members about your epilepsy diagnosis, available treatments, and managing disease
  • Ayudarle a obtener el mayor provecho de un equipo multidisciplinario de proveedores de atención médica que pueden ofrecer sus conocimientos especializados como parte de un enfoque coordinado de la atención.
  • Assist with accurate and timely communication between you, your primary caregivers, and your health care providers
  • Connect you and your family members with appropriate resources at Norton Healthcare and in Louisville and Southern Indiana
  • Identificar y abordar cualquier obstáculo para asegurar el acceso a una atención de alta calidad.
Meet Our Epilepsy Specialists

Atención que está centrada en usted

Parte del objetivo del Norton Neuroscience Institute consiste en atender a la persona en su totalidad, no solo a la afección.

  • Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Centers offer ways to improve your access to care, provide valuable information on managing your disease and address your quality of life issues. The Norton Healthcare Foundation funds this important service, so patients don’t need to pay.
  • Dedicated patient navigators can help schedule follow-up appointments, coordinate prescription assistance, create customized diet plans and provide guidance on disability benefits, housing, financial and employment concerns and more.
  • Patients can access support groups, exercise classes and other educational events to connect with others and learn how to make the most of life while managing a neurological condition. 
  • Access an on-demand video library of educational content across a variety of condition-related topics is available.
  • We want to help prevent illness. Get help quitting smoking and learn the signs of stroke.
  • Communicate with your provider, manage appointments, refill prescriptions and more anytime from a computer or mobile device with a free Norton MyChart account.

Un líder de Louisville en atención neurológica

More patients from Louisville and Southern Indiana seek their neurology and neurosurgery care from Norton Neuroscience Institute’s nationally recognized specialists than any other providers in the area.

Your Norton Neuroscience Institute medical provider has the expertise, experience, diagnostic tools and sophisticated treatments to provide care tailored to your needs.

  • More than 75 medical, surgical and research specialists are dedicated to providing innovative care to those with brain, spine and nervous system conditions.
  • Advanced, minimally invasive neurosurgery equipment can speed your recovery and minimize pain.
  • Multidisciplinary clinics provide easy access to care in one convenient appointment for your neurological condition, with specialists in oncology, cardiology, orthopedics and behavioral health.
  • Norton Healthcare’s four adult-service hospitals in Louisville are certified by DNV, recognizing excellence and expertise in stroke care.
    • Norton Brownsboro Hospital is recognized as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.
    • Norton Audubon Hospital and Norton Hospital are Primary Stroke Centers.
    • Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital is an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital.
  • Norton Neuroscience Institute is at the forefront of neuroscientific research. As investigators on numerous trials, our physicians contribute to groundbreaking studies and publications in peer-reviewed journals. Also, patients may be eligible to take part in these experimental treatments.
    Learn more about current neuroscience clinical trials and studies.
  • The American Heart Association Get With the Guidelines stroke care program has recognized all four of Norton Healthcare’s adult service-hospitals in Louisville for exceeding national averages in getting patients in the door and administering lifesaving treatment to restore blood flow to the brain.
  • El programa de esclerosis múltiple (EM) del Norton Neuroscience Institute ha sido designado como centro para la atención integral de la EM por la National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
  • The National Association of Epilepsy Centers has recognized Norton Neuroscience Institute as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center, providing the highest level of medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.
  • Los orientadores del centro de recursos del Norton Neuroscience Institute ayudan a educar a los pacientes y sus familias sobre los nuevos diagnósticos, los tratamientos disponibles y las formas de controlar su enfermedad.
  • We are listed by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of 100 great neurosurgery and spine programs.

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