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Heart disease is the number one killer of women. It kills more women than cancer. 1 out 5 women die from heart disease.  Because of this impact the Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Women’s Heart Program provides specialized care for women’s heart health.

A woman or someone assigned female at birth who has a heart attack is more likely to die than a man. Survivors are at a higher risk of having a second heart attack within a year.

Many women go through pregnancy. Due to the growth of their baby, their body is under tremendous stress. A mother’s heart condition often determines whether she can go through the pregnancy and delivery safely. As a result, cardiovascular diseases account for over a quarter of the pregnancy associated maternal death. Shockingly, maternal mortality keeps rising. In 2021, USA had over 1200 losses of young women’s lives (32.9 death in 100,000 live births)!

Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Women’s Heart Program focuses on the latest in women’s heart health and provides specialized care to support of women at risk for cardiovascular disease.

What to Expect at Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Women’s Heart Program

  • Specialized expertise in preventing and caring for heart conditions focusing on the times surrounding pregnancy and menopause.
  • Comprehensive care for conditions that have unique risks and implications for women, including high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, ischemic heart disease and spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD).
  • Board-certified cardiologists with specialized experience and focus on women’s heart health are dedicated to serving as advocates for conditions that are often can go unrecognized.
  • The women’s heart health specialists are part of a team of providers dedicated to your health, including close collaboration with Norton Women’s Care and Norton Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine, providing high risk pregnancy care.
  • Medicare, Medicaid and most major commercial insurance plans accepted.
  • Book appointments, get alerts when an earlier appointment becomes available, communicate with your medical provider, refill prescriptions and more through your free Norton MyChart account.

Por qué elegir Norton
Heart & Vascular Institute Women’s Heart Program

“Women’s heart conditions are often underdiagnosed and undertreated. Our team is dedicated to improving women’s heart health— especially around pregnancy. Healthier women mean healthier families and a healthier community.”

Li Zhou, M.D., Ph.D.
Director médico
Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Women’s Heart Program

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Medicina maternofetal

Más mujeres con embarazos complejos en Louisville y el sur de Indiana confían su atención al servicio de medicina maternofetal de Norton Children’s que a cualquier otro proveedor.

Atención de la mujer

Cada mujer es única, y también lo es la atención que necesita. Más mujeres en Louisville y el sur de Indiana reciben atención médica de Norton Healthcare que de cualquier otro proveedor.

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